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What Makes Steady State the Best Physical Therapy in Maine?

What makes Steady State unique?

Our commitment to you for the long term.

In traditional physical therapy, you get discharged when you start feeling better. Insurance companies don't care if you can run or not. When you finish PT you're usually a long way off from running the amount that you're used to, and you're left to figure out how to progress on your own. It's no wonder why so many people "fail" physical therapy. It's because they stopped PT before the most effective part!

At Steady State, you'll never get kicked out because of progress. We celebrate progress, but we also take your short AND long term goals seriously. After struggling for months with an injury, most people don't want to get injured again right away! This is where having a physical therapist who is a running specialist is key. If you're coming back from a running injury, your PT should help you with exercise progressions, but they should also act as a run coach - specifically laying out your run progression with your injury history and goals in mind.

The absolute best part of PT is injury prevention. You NEVER should stick with the same few exercises 'for the rest of your life.' You can ALWAYS improve your body's durability and there is no limit to what you can do. However, in order to improve your durability you must continue to progress the load that you place on your body. This is the only way that our bodies adapt to be able to handle more load! Going into a maintenance phase is totally fine IF you're happy with the amount of training that you're doing, and you don't foresee yourself wanting to do more in the near future. Otherwise, to prevent future injuries, you need to follow a plan that emphasizes progressive overload & adequate recovery.

Reach out to us if you're interested in making your body more durable & being able to do MORE activity!