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Running Physical Therapy in Portland Maine & Virtually

Local runner wins the Maine division of Beach to Beacon

"Steady State has given me so much confidence and helped me turn a corner in how I see myself as an athlete. When I first talked to them I was struggling with back spasms and pre race nerves. They want to help first and foremost. They understand running and they are the first physios I talked to that did not roll their eyes when I explained the intensity of my run training. Instead, I was given programs that are true to my ideas of myself as an athlete.

They stay true to their philosophy around provider dependency and because of this I learned how to take care of myself while lifting heavy and running high mileage. Even with all this great help, the best part of working with Steady State is having someone with so many of the same experiences and passions. Any athlete will surely notice this when working with them."

- Sam Mills

"I was ready to have surgery on my foot this fall. I have been running in pain for over seven years. Steady State has given me the exercises and tools I needed to be pain free and keep me from having bunion and haglunds surgery. I'm so thrilled to be able to continue playing in the mountains without pain or having time away to recover from surgery."

- Kristina Folcik 

"I have had such a positive experience working with the team at Steady State. I am an experienced long-distance runner and I have been so impressed with Steady State's custom plans, their knowledge about endurance athletes and long-distance runners, specifically. Working with them 1:1 has been incredibly helpful for me as I rehabbed my hamstrings, and other little injuries that have cropped up over the years. I'm a much stronger athlete now, and I am able to run 100% pain free. I have HIGHLY recommended Steady State to my running friends who are struggling with injury, and they've had similarly positive experiences.

If you are a runner or a serious endurance athlete, "typical" PT services don't work--they'll give you some silly exercises and tell you to stop doing what you're doing. Steady State will LISTEN to your experience of pain, work to understand your goals, and collaborate on a plan to rehab while maintaining fitness. Plus, they are just about the nicest health care professionals I have ever worked with. I could not recommend them more highly!"

- Rebecca Nisetich

Experts in Running Rehab

There's a huge difference between working with a provider who 'works with runners' and one who actually is a runner themselves.

The problem with traditional physical therapy is that - more often than not - you don't need to take a week (or more) off from running to get better. This is usually only necessary if you're dealing with a bone stress injury. With most other running-related injuries, full rest can actually make the muscles & tendons adapt to less stress, getting weaker and potentially complicating your return to running.

Most running-related injuries are overuse injuries. 'Overuse' means putting more physical load on the body's muscles, tendons, joints, and bones than they can currently handle. So, to make lasting changes and address the root cause of your running injury, we need to get your body to handle MORE running.

While passive treatments (such as massage, stretching, acupuncture, laser, injections, surgeries, medications) can sometimes help reduce symptoms to a manageable level, they do not increase your body's tolerance to load.

The reason Steady State is recognized throughout the United States as a top running physical therapy clinic is that we prioritize an active approach to rehab. This includes proper exercise progressions to meet the high impact forces of running, education to understand the 'why' behind everything, and enhancing body awareness to recognize when recovery may be sub-optimal and a more flexible training approach may be needed.

60-70% of running-related injuries are due to training errors. At Steady State, we prioritize education throughout the rehab process, so you not only return to 100% with your current issue but also learn how to train smarter and prevent future injuries, allowing you to run healthy for life!

If you're dealing with an injury that limits your running, working with a healthcare provider who is also a runner is essential. We help frustrated runners every day who still face pain even after seeing other healthcare providers. But don't worry – there is always hope for any running injury!

All of our Doctors of Physical Therapy are runners, running specialists, and undergo extensive continuing education specifically in running.

If you're dealing with a frustrating running injury, don't wait to seek expert help. Typically, the longer an issue goes unaddressed, the longer it takes to resolve. We're here to help you get back to running in the mountains, on the roads, on the track, and on the trails as quickly as possible.

While we're located in Portland, Maine - we help runners all around the world remotely as well.

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  • Dr. Ashten with her 2 dogs, Jasper and Opal
  • Dr. Ashten doing wall balls at Misfit Crossfit
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  • Dr. Ashten sprinting at the America East Conference Championships in 2014.

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