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Crossfit Rehab in Portland Maine

Athlete performing a kip swing at Misfit Athletics.

Crossfit Rehab

If you're dealing with an injury that is limiting you from full participation in your Crossfit workouts - working with a healthcare provider who fully understands all of the movements & demands of Crossfit is a must. 

As Crossfit athletes ourselves, we're able to help you make the necessary modifications in the short term, while assessing why your body is currently unable to tolerate certain movements. 

While finding some short-term pain reducing exercises are great, we're also all about helping you find and fully address the root cause of your issue. This way you can leave your injury behind for good and don't have to worry about your issue popping up again the next time that painful movement is prescribed. 

We help Crossfit athletes with injuries from the head to toe, including: 

- Neck pain

- Shoulder pain & instability

- Elbow and wrist pain, sprains, and tendinitis (golfer's/tennis elbow)

- Back pain & sciatica

- Hip pain, including labral tears, arthritis, impingement, bursitis, and tendinitis (gluteal, adductor, proximal hamstring)

- Knee pain, sprains, and tendinitis

- Foot & ankle pain, including achilles tendinitis & plantar fasciitis

- Pelvic floor symptoms, including leaking with double-unders & running

- Pregnancy pains

- Returning to Crossfit Postpartum


  • Dr. Ashten with her 2 dogs, Jasper and Opal
  • Dr. Ashten doing wall balls at Misfit Crossfit
  • Dr. Ashten hiking with her son, Calix.
  • Dr. Ashten sprinting at the America East Conference Championships in 2014.

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