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Performance Physical Therapy 

  Helping you get back to the activities you love 

without pain or unnecessary imaging, injections, or surgeries. 

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Steady State's 3-Step Process

This is rehab for active individuals who know they deserve a better healthcare experience.

1. Restore

We develop a plan to get your life back by relieving your pain & allowing you to keep moving as much as possible.

This typically doesn't need to involve resting, imaging, injections, or surgeries. 

We'll never tell you "if it hurts, just don't do it." 






2. Reload

There's a big difference between being able to do some of your activity and being back to 100%.

This is what makes Steady State a different kind of physical therapy - where your goals are at the forefront of the plan.  

We help you get back to 100% via education, strengthening, mobility, and hands-on techniques - while empowering you with the tools to manage any potential setbacks.

3. Optimize  

During this final stage you become durable and able to withstand long and strenuous bouts of spontaneous exercise - without having to worry about new injuries.

We help you optimize your body by addressing any longstanding weaknesses, range of motion limitations, and training or recovery errors.

We encourage you to do more than you've done before.

You're finally able to live the life you want.


The Steady State Difference:

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Find the Option That's Best for You




Active individuals don't fit the traditional healthcare system - where you spend 2 hours of your week in a PT clinic on the bike, icing, or doing simple band exercises you've done before. 

There's a much better option.

If pain is keeping you from living as active of a life as you want, then a 1-on-1, 90 minute evaluation with one of our Doctor of Physical Therapy is for you.  

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Run coaching gets you the results you desire through highly individualized programming and accountability. 

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It's always easier with a team! Our small group strength programs are instructed by Doctors of Physical Therapy & are designed for those looking to gain strength, confidence, and independence with heavier lifting.

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Client Stories:


Kelly is an avid runner, skier, and CrossFitter who came to us with persistent hip pain. Watch the video to hear her story!



Johanna is a marathon running momma who came to us with chronic back pain. Watch the video to hear her story!


David is a runner, swimmer, skier, and triathlete who came to us with foot & knee pains. Watch the video to hear his story!



Becca is a lifter & outdoor enthusiast who came to us with low back pain. Watch the video to hear her story!

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