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Dr. Ashten Cullenberg

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Dr. Ashten Cullenberg, PT, DPT


Performance Physical Therapist

Specialties: runners, barbell athletes, skiers, pelvic floor, pregnancy & postpartum

Dr. Ashten Cullenberg brings a unique perspective to our team at Steady State, with a strong background in biomechanics, orthopedics, and pelvic health.

Ashten studied Exercise Science at the University of Maine, where she ran track competing in the sprints and hurdles. She then went on to earn her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of New England in 2017. Ashten developed a strong affinity for working with individuals who are driven to take a proactive approach to their health. She loves to not only help people get out of pain but lift more and run farther than they ever thought possible.

Ashten pursued advanced training in pelvic health physical therapy when she joined the Steady State team in 2021. Her experience in treating females with hip and low back pain, particularly postpartum, revealed a noticeable void in the available care options. By incorporating pelvic health into her orthopedic practice, she has achieved remarkable success in alleviating hip pain, low back pain, and symptoms of urinary urgency, frequency, and leakage among female runners. Ashten takes great joy in empowering pregnant moms to embrace their abilities and not feel restricted by unnecessary limitations. She is dedicated to helping postpartum moms regain their full strength and confidently return to the activities they love.

As a new mom, she cherishes her workout time more than ever! She currently enjoys lifting, running, CrossFit, hiking, skiing, and yoga. 

When not at Steady State, Ashten enjoys spending time with her baby boy, Calix, exploring the woods with her dogs, Jasper & Opal, jumping on her trampoline, and working on projects at the tiny house. On rainy days she loves to bake. 

Dr. Ashten Cullenberg's expertise, unwavering dedication, and specialization in pelvic floor treatment make her an invaluable asset on your journey to strength, endurance, and overall well-being. Ashten believes in pushing your boundaries to help unlock your body’s full capabilities and is excited to be your partner every step of the way.

  • Dr. Ashten doing a kip swing at Misfit Crossfit
  • Kelton and his wife Ashten hiking.
  • Dr. Ashten Triple Jumping at the track
  • Dr. Ashten with her 2 dogs, Jasper and Opal
  • Dr. Ashten doing wall balls at Misfit Crossfit
  • Dr. Ashten hiking with her son, Calix.
  • Dr. Ashten sprinting at the America East Conference Championships in 2014.

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