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Dr. Michael Brown

Steady State Physical Therapist Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Mike Brown, PT, DPT, CSCS

Performance Physical Therapist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Specialties: runners

Dr. Mike Brown, PT, DPT, CSCS, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for helping runners achieve their goals to the Steady State team. Originally from Syracuse, New York, Mike discovered his calling to work with runners while competing in cross country and track & field at Nazareth University in Rochester, New York - where he then served as a Grad Assistant XC & Track Coach while getting his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

With a background as a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, Mike honed his coaching skills, providing tailored workout plans to clients. His philosophy and clinical experience aligns seamlessly with Steady State's holistic approach to rehabilitation - combining an emphasis on education with run coaching principals in addition to manual therapy and higher level strength progressions.

Drawn to Steady State's focus on individualized care and commitment to serving the running community, Mike values building positive relationships with his clients, believing it to be essential for fostering successful outcomes and enjoyable therapy experiences.

“Being able to work with runners in this setting, where I know I can provide patients with all that they need without worrying about justifying continued care or treatment decisions to insurance companies is a no brainer. When previously imagining my dream job, I described Steady State.”

Outside of the clinic, you can find Mike running, hiking, biking, swimming or engaging in a friendly game of basketball, volleyball, or spikeball. He also enjoys learning new skills - most recently he started rock climbing. 

Mike co-hosts the Reading Rehab Podcast, a journal club podcast aimed at keeping busy physical therapy clinicians and students updated on current literature in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation. As an Eagle Scout and second-degree black belt in Goju-Ryu karate, Mike embodies dedication and leadership both in and out of the clinic. Mike is also active within the Running Special Interest Group of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Dr. Mike is eager to work with runners in the Portland community and is excited to help you reach your goals!

  • Dr. Mike running a track race.
  • Dr. Mike on a hike in the mountains.
  • Dr. Mike playing volleyball.
  • Dr. Mike finishing a cross country race.
  • Dr. Mike as a grad assistant track coach at Nazareth University.

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