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Performance Physical Therapy

You're not you when you can't recreate how you'd like.

We help active adults get their lives back.

You & your injury are unique.

We don't follow generic protocols - just hard work and dedication to the process by client and therapist.

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Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy specialize in alleviating issues such as pain and movement dysfunction.

Our approach aims to not only eliminate your symptoms but also improve your strength & mobility, while emphasizing education and empowering you to be independent long-term.

We address various common concerns, including:




Foot & ankle pain

Knee pain

Hip pain

Low back & pelvic pain

Mid back pain

Neck pain & tension headaches

Shoulder pain

Elbow & wrist pain

Tendinitis & tendinopathies

Bone Stress Injuries (shin splints, stress reactions, stress fractures)

Osteoarthritis & joint pain

Muscle strains

Ligament sprains

Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Pelvic Floor Conditions



Steady State's 3-Step Process


Restore - We develop a plan to get your life back by relieving your pain & allowing you to keep moving as much as possible. This typically doesn't need to involve resting, imaging, injections, or surgeries. We'll never tell you "if it hurts, just don't do it." 


Reload There's a big difference between being able to do some of your activity and being back to 100%. This is what makes Steady State a different kind of physical therapy - where your goals are at the forefront of the plan. We help you get back to 100% via education, strengthening, mobility, and hands-on techniques - while empowering you with the tools to manage any potential setbacks.


Optimize During this final stage you become durable and able to withstand long and strenuous bouts of spontaneous exercise - without having to worry about new injuries. We help you optimize your body by addressing any longstanding weaknesses, range of motion limitations, and training or recovery errors. We encourage you to do more than you've done before. You're finally able to live the life you want.

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"I was ready to have surgery on my foot this fall. I have been running in pain for over seven years. Steady State has given me the exercises and tools I needed to be pain free and keep me from having bunion and haglunds surgery. I'm so thrilled to be able to continue playing in the mountains without pain or having time away to recover from surgery."



Becca's Story

Becca is a lifter & outdoor enthusiast who came to us with low back pain. Watch the video to hear her story!

David's Story

David is a runner, swimmer, skier, and triathlete who came to us with foot & knee pain. Watch the video to hear his story!


Johanna's Story

Johanna is a marathon running momma who came to us with chronic back pain. Watch the video to hear her story!

Kelly's Story

Kelly is an avid runner, skier, and CrossFitter who came to us with persistent hip pain. Watch the video to hear her story!

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